About Kids Off The Street

"Kids Off the Street"

The Club’s main Community Service Initiative is themed under Kids Off The Streets.

The philosophy behind KOS is to ensure young children have a place to go where they can get away from the streets. We believe that providing good infrastructure facilities will encourage youngsters get off the street.

KOS – Kids of the Street project is almost 10 years old to date. Round Table 3 have built and renovated 3 drop in centers around Colombo. The facilities provided are also instrumental in keeping the children and youth away from the risks of abuse and exploitation in the street environment.

Above centers provide children with the opportunity to enhance their skills such as Music, Art, and Sport Skills. Also vocational training is provided for children over 14 years in the areas of Handy Craft, Hand loom, Mason and tailoring etc. Apart from the above, these center's will provide informal education which is extremely effective as a form of assistance for their schools 

The day to day management of the facilities are done by the NCPA. We have worked closely with The National Child Projection Authority (NCPA) in the past. This is a government agency that run and operates the drop in centers/schools. The NCPA depends on organisations such as ours to help develop infrastructure, as their limited funds are used for daily running of these centers. More details on them For you can visit http://www.childprotection.gov.lk 

We continue to build on every year from the fundamentals of our KOS initiative with each year giving us an opportunity to do more for the Children of Sri Lanka.