2019 Comedians

Umar Rana – Pakistan



Umar is the founder of Comedy Masala Singapore. In July 2016, Umar made his TVdebut on “Comedy Central Asia presents Stand-up Asia!”, and in 2013 was listedas Top 10 comedians in Asia by Top 10 Magazine, Malaysia. Umar has been doingcomedy since 2001, in both improv and stand-up. He was one of the foundingmembers of Black Fish, Pakistan's first & highly acclaimed English-SpeakingImprov Comedy Troupe. He's performed live in Singapore, New Zealand, HK,Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia & Pakistan. He was the official opening actfor BILL BURR in Singapore, and has hosted and opened for Hollywood comedianRob Schneider. Umar is also the Resident Host at Singapore's biggest weeklycomedy show, Comedy Masala. 

Ron Josol - Canada

Ron Josol, is a Canadian comedianwho is well received from every corner of the world. Ron stirs up and samplesthe multi-cultural melting pot that mirrors life in most urban centers today.He presents hilarious scenarios & comments on our global society inherentcontradictions by combining a one-liner and a story telling style. He regularlyperforms in Canada, UK, Scandinavia, Caribbean, Asia, Middle east, Australiaand USA. He has performed around the world for almost 20 years which makes himone of the most sought after n vibrant comics today. He has taped a Showtimespecial in the USA, filmed “Gotham Comedy Live” in New york on ASXtv, filmed aComics Unleashed, a Carson Daly show for NBC and a Comedy Central special inAsia, and the new Kevin Hart LOL show.


Azeem Banatwala - India

"Effortlesslylikeable" - The Hindu (IN)


AzeemBanatwalla is one of India's top stand-up comics, and has been one of the mostpopular names in the Indian circuit for the last 5 years. Known forobservational, provocative and intelligent humor, Azeem is, alongside Vir Das,and Sorabh Pant, the only Indian comic with two stand-up specials to his name,both Amazon Prime Video exclusives. Azeem has performed all over the world -most recently at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2018 where also scoredinternational TV credits with ABC's Comedy Up Late. Azeem is part of the comedycollective East India Comedy, with his work as a stand-up and sketch writergarnering over 100 million views on YouTube.

Adrian Saw - Australia




Australian comedy-magician AdrianSaw brings the laughs and the wonder from down under! Blending comedy, sleightof hand, psychology and audience participation, Adrian performs hilarious anddownright impossible illusions in an intimate experience. Take a break fromreality, laugh and be amazed by this extraordinary entertainer.

Deepak Chandran - India


Deepak is a risingstar in the Asian comedy scene. A resident of Singapore, he has lived in eightcountries over the past 10 years, helping white people fix their computerproblems. Deepak has headlined all the major clubs in Asia, was a host ofSingapore’s biggest night Comedy Masala, and has won many accolades in thecomedy world. He was the runner up of Bangkok comedy festival 2017 and was afinalist of Hong Kong Comedy competition 2017 within the first 2 years of doingcomedy. He has performed in International comedy festivals like Magners ComedyFestival, Perth Fringe etc. Deepak brings a style of comedy which is unique anddefinitely pushes the barriers of head bobbing and Indian accents.