Chairman's Message

It has been an absolute honor for me to take over as Chairman for CTRT3 for 2016-17.

An opportunity to lead such a prestigious Round Table Club in the Tabling Fraternity has been a privilege that I will cherish as part of my tabling career.


CTRT3 enters into a very interesting and challenging transition period this year with a host of new tabler’s joining the Table with most of our senior tabler’s moving out to the 41’ers Club. This year’s focus will be on Fellowship & Extension and building relations between our tabling communities in Sri Lanka while we continue to keep doing our Community Service Initiatives.


The aim for the year is to do multiple community service projects under our “Kids Off The Streets” initiative.

One of our focuses will also be to do joint projects with local and international tables with the prime focus being Kids.

Our Fellowship initiatives for the year will be based on joint business/dinner meetings with fellow Round Tables in Sri Lanka.


Extension will play a prominent focus this year with us chartering our fourth table in Sri Lanka. The Table will be the 8th in Sri Lanka and will be chartered later this year. We are also working on an International Extension towards the second half of our tabling year which is going to be a great learning experience for the table.


Our annual Colombo Comedy Show will continue to be our primary fundraiser and will take place in October 2016 for its 4th consecutive year.

The Fundraising Committee is also working on some exciting new avenues for us to raise funds for our service projects.


All in all we expect to have an amazing year 2016-17 which will include Fellowship, Extension & Community Service activities that will continue to keep the CTRT3 Flag running. We have a great team supported by some outstanding past leaders that will help us get through this tabling year.

Hatem Rajabdeen

Chairman 2016-17